Done for You

Our truest 360 Funnel Experience! Let us do the heavy lifting so you can spend less time working. Perfect for clinicians or other professionals who are busy running their primary (offline) business/practice. Now booking for November 2022.

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Dr. Erika Dawkins

Tara is super attentive and invested. She encourages and pushes in a way that is supportive and not overwhelming. Her energy about your growth and success makes you feel like, "Yes, I can do this badass far-fetched thing I'm planning. Let me get to it!"

Mickey Atkins

I've seen such a HUGE change in my business and in myself over the last 6 months I worked with Tara and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was continually shocked by Tara's depth of knowledge so I've no doubt that I'll continue to add to my skill set the more I work with her.

Stephanie Gardner-Wright

The level of support is incredible, Tara not only knows her stuff but can break it down for clinicians in a way that is not intimidating and makes sense with a clinical perspective.

Done with You

Still a 360 funnel transformation but with a little more elbow grease! You'll meet with Tara on a bi-weekly basis to workshop your funnel and receive coaching/consulting over 6 months.

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Done by You

A 360 funnel transformation for the entrepreneur who can reliably implement and execute on the templates provided. You'll receive access to the exact templates myself & my clients use from the 360 funnel  system.

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Stephanie g.

added 500 email subscribers in one day

standout therapist

grew their list from 0 to nearly 600 in 5 days

summer f.

gained over 100k instagram followers and had a $7k launch

mickey a.

replaced her private practice income in less than one year

tanya s.

drove 506 instagram followers to her website in 25 days

krista h.

launched a program & made 1.7x her investment

"It was beyond helpful having the whole workflow to follow plus templates. I’m super visual, I feel a lot more confident now about future launches and like something finally “clicked”."

Stephanie Gardner-Wright

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