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a marketing consultant extraordinaire, top tier mom and forever choosing to ignore my own screen time limits because I love the TikTok algorithm for truly seeing me! I've been helping licensed professionals navigate the business of being online since 2020 - I can't wait to help you too!

hi! I'm Tara!

Your Funnel 360°

Our signature organic funnel system is accessible for every cash & time budget. Choose the investment and time commitment that best suits you without sacrificing quality and functionality of your funnel. 

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🎧Listen to the Business of Being Online

Taking up space on the internet is challenging and rewarding all at once. It's one of life's many grey areas which makes it a particularly precarious space for professionals to occupy but there's no denying it's quickly the way to serve more and earn more! In the Business of Being Online Tara explores the ups and downs of scaling her personal brand online.

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"Internally I have grown in ways that have made me love myself more and my capabilities."

Nichole Coyne

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Dr. Erika Dawkins

Tara is super attentive and invested. She encourages and pushes in a way that is supportive and not overwhelming. Her energy about your growth and success makes you feel like, "Yes, I can do this badass far-fetched thing I'm planning. Let me get to it!"

Mickey Atkins

I've seen such a HUGE change in my business and in myself over the last 6 months I worked with Tara and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was continually shocked by Tara's depth of knowledge so I've no doubt that I'll continue to add to my skill set the more I work with her.

Stephanie Gardner-Wright

The level of support is incredible, Tara not only knows her stuff but can break it down for clinicians in a way that is not intimidating and makes sense with a clinical perspective.

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