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Hi, I'm Tara

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A Few of My Favorite Things

How it started

Tara On Demand was founded in late 2019 inside a therapy session, the best place to make business decisions, duh!

One of my coworkers had recently died by suicide and I was pregnant with my second child and severely depressed. 

I planned and hosted a fundraising event for my late co-worker and raised nearly $10K to donate to our local Suicide Prevention Resource Centre, only to see no meaningful changes in the way the company treated it's employees. I felt more empty in my career in the oilfield industry of Alberta than ever before.

I told my then therapist I would not be returning to work... QUE ALL THE ITERATIONS OF TARA ON DEMAND THAT HAVE EXISTED SINCE - welcome to the latest and greatest one!

On top of building this 6-figure business at 25 years old  I've gone on to co-found the Profitable Practice Summit, Standout Therapist and Connected Clinician brands with my business partner and biz bestie Meghan Tack of Therapist Site Toolbox! together we've served thousands.

I  told my therapist fuck this job

not Social Media Management

let's multiply your impact, together

I started as a virtual assistant, niched down to serving mental health therapists and began attracting amazing private practice owners. my clients were full but wanted to spend less time in 1:1 sessions and make more money.

I was creating courses, welcome sequences, lead magnets - all the online marketing assets you can dream of. it was excellent work.

The problem was, nobody was seeing it. my clients were struggling to drive traffic to their life changing offers, services and support.

This a-ha! moment changed everything for me.

I began offering my clients consulting services to ensure their content marketing funnel was optimized. But it's so much more than visibility, community building and sales... I was holding space for their experience & emotions as they took up space online. 

They began to reach thousands of people, sometimes even millions. the impact and income kept rolling, after supporting several therapy influencers on their come up I was ready to explore new industries. I'm a mani-gen so the variety is life giving:

from memberships to virtual summits, group programs, masterminds and workshops. From accountants to coaches, photographers, therapists and naturoptahic doctors...

Stephanie g.

added 500 email subscribers in one day

standout therapist

grew their list from 0 to nearly 600 in 5 days

summer f.

gained over 100k instagram followers and had a $7k launch

mickey a.

replaced her private practice income in less than one year

tanya s.

drove 506 instagram followers to her website in 25 days

krista h.

launched a program + made 1.7x her investment


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