Earn more without more 1:1 client sessions by growing, nurturing and selling to your online audience. 

translate your offline expertise into online revenue!

Done for You Content Marketing

you need a marketing partner with you on the front line

you're tired of drowning in free webinars that promise the secret to success

only to find the solution is behind a $1997 paywall

you don't want to hire another business, life or some other specialty coach

you want a step-by-step rinse and repeat system

you're convinced launching is always awful and totally draining

and it's not getting easier

online business feels tough

I'm here to help! Hi, I'm Tara. Nice to virtually meet you!

Since I ditched corporate in 2019 I've served thousands of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, through three profitable online brands. 

Helping you translate your offline expertise in the online space is my specialty and leveraging collaboration is my secret to becoming a 6 figure business owner at 25!

I can't wait to build your bundle! Read on to learn how this works!

In just 12 weeks, we'll build and launch your custom bundle funnel. I'll walk you through hosting a bundle from contributor management to marketing and even tech.

On the back end, we'll develop and produce your digital signature product and a welcome and sales sequence. This organic funnel will help you expand your visibility in your industry, grow your email list and build your confidence as you sell online.

how it works

Choose the option & investment that best suit your goals, budget and time commitment


To start click the button below to complete the Client Application and book your call with Tara.


Enjoy watching your amazing new content roll out on schedule.


Take me to the Application, Tara!

I'll take the guesswork out of launching your offers, creating content and crafting copy that represents you and your brand.

I'm dedicated to helping you stand out in your industry as a leader amongst your peers and audience

Just show up & feel good

I'm in! let's do this!

Stephanie g.

added 500 email subscribers in one day

standout therapist

grew their list from 0 to nearly 600 in 5 days

summer f.

gained over 100k instagram followers and had a $7k launch

mickey a.

replaced her private practice income in less than one year

tanya s.

drove 506 instagram followers to her website in 25 days

krista h.

launched a program + made 1.7x her investment

Overview of back end and forward facing workflows 

12-week bundle funnel with
 done-for-you marketing materials 

Launch breakdown including suggested schedule

Done-with-you digital product development & creation

Self study course complete with templated resources

Done-for-you welcome and sales email sequence, brand refresh and Human Design reading

the investment:

6 months of biweekly calls to build your bundle funnel together

Done-with-you to clarify your messaging & connect with your audience

Human Design reading included

most popular!

submit an application!

month 1

You'll complete your pre-work questionnaire. Sarah will begin your brand refresh and your Human Design Resume. Tara will begin customizing your bundle assets. At the end of this month you'll pitch bundle contributors.



month 2

This month we'll finalize the bundle details and  deliver marketing materials to you and your contributors. Then we'll shift our focus to your sales sequence and signature digital product.


month 3

It's time to launch. As all the final pieces of the puzzle come together we'll test the tech and make sure everything is running smoothly! Your bundle will launch and as opt-ins receive your emails they'll be prompted to buy your signature digital product as you sell it on auto pilot. 

Take me to the application, Tara!

the done for you timeline

custom resources

energy reading

brand refresh

brand questionnaire

I'll deliver you customized, templated and reusable messaging and marketing materials  will serve you long after our project wraps! Including but not limited to various email templates, a contributor onboarding workflow, social media swipe copy, visual workflow charts to understand your launch from a high level, website wireframe templates and more! 

To communicate your message effectively, we (you & our team) need to know your brand, mission and message inside out! This pre-work will aid us on completing your project in just 12-weeks!

Your brand but better! We'll give you a fresh look that puts your best foot forward for your launch with your unique energetic blueprint in mind! The refresh may include updated typography, color palette, brand marks and a variety of Canva templates to use during and after your launch!

The answers are all already within you. By understanding & applying your human design you'll tap into how to align with the mechanics of your unique energy. Providing clarity around the core of your brand, amplifying your specific advertising voice, identifying who your audience is, and more.

so, what are the specifics?

We're here to make sure you don't get bogged down by the details, but here's the inside scoop:


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